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एसएमएस हॉस्पिटल  सुपर स्पेशियलिटी  प्रारंभ
 New programs  for careers in the digital economy
Dr Sohini Kar-Narayan in top 50 Women in Engineering
Andrew Choate impressed with nurses’ wants offer same to others
Husein secured qualification for  Olympics
St Edmund's College student Emily Otterbeck  Lesley Farrah  co-founded Cambridge Femtech Society.
 Advocate Award for supporting students
 Quad Cities Yoga Foundation news
World’s No. 1 university
New food category of tasty plant based proteins
Youngest Latina Alumna
Monika Mazela ,Heather Wicker,Sydney Pryor,Blair Atherton,Tyler JakubowskiEmily Haynes,Riley Grady,Lynnelle Johnson,  Recognized for Academic Excellence
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