Extramarital affair during business trip


More than a mere fantasy, it would seem that infidelity at work is indeed a reality! This is what is shown in the latest study by Gleeden, the European leader in extra-marital dating. The site interviewed its users in order to explore the scandalous subject of affairs at work: how many have been tempted by an adulterous relationship with a colleague? Are some professions more prone to infidelity than others? Find out the results of this survey now!

extramarital- affair- during -business -trip


Many spouses worry about their other half going on a business trip. Out of sight out of mind as the proverb goes! And judging by the responses from more than 8,000 Gleeden* members, these concerns are well-founded. In fact, 62% of men and 57% of women interviewed admit to having already taken advantage of a business trip to have an extramarital experience. No doubt, distance makes things easier…and less risky.

But risk does not seem to dull the ardour of unfaithful men. Affairs with work colleagues don’t only happen in the films. Proof: 53% of men interviewed said they had already had an extramarital affair with a co-worker. Yes, when desire knocks at their door, these gentlemen can show great temerity. Women, on the other hand, are much more cautious, since only 27% say they have already taken the plunge with a co-worker. They seem to have understood that it is better to use Gleeden than to play with fire.

Finally, 13% of women and 24% of men interviewed have already done the deed at their place of work. So long, caution!


And the most unfaithful professions are…

With a community of more than 3.4 million members, Gleeden collected data from its users to create a top 10 of the most unfaithful professions.

Although secretarial and engineering occupations rank first in the female and male rankings, the finance and justice sectors seem to be distinguished in the area of ​​infidelity. However, bankers and lawyers have a place in both rankings. Lastly, the medical profession is no exception as the profession of nurse takes third place in the women’s ranking and the profession of doctor takes sixth place in the men’s ranking of the most unfaithful professions.

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