men women distinct way managing extramarital affairs


The mating season of excellence, spring starts a renewal cycle favorable to new ideas and new desires. A season that usually brings a renewed craving for seduction, dating and… infidelity. But beware: discretion and anonymity are the keywords to an adulterous relationship. Gleeden, the European leader in extramarital dating site – with nearly 3.4 million members – exclusively reveals the alibis and tricks most used by unfaithful people. More than 18,000 members were interviewed and revealed their best rituals to enjoy a moment in the arms of their lover without arousing suspicion!

men women- distinct -way- managing- extramarital- affairs

More than mere alibis to meet their lover, unfaithful people adopt a truly adulterous lifestyle in order to better hide their little deviations. And men and women each have quite a distinct way of managing their extramarital affairs.


Caution is the watchword of male infidelity

Unfaithful men are particularly cautious and do not skimp on efforts to preserve the secrecy of their infidelity. A large majority of them use a different e-mail address to contact their lover (61%), always keep their mobile phone with them (57%) and give their lover a false name in their phone’s contact list (48%).

But some of their habits are more surprising. 16% of men surveyed in particular said they had another bank account exclusively for their extramarital affair while 13% admitted to having another apartment where they meet with their flings. Yes, infidelity has a price.


Confidence is unfaithful women’s state of mind

On the other hand, women seem significantly less nervous at the idea of being unmasked. Although a majority of 57% of them use another e-mail address to contact their lover, they are much less likely than men to keep their mobile phone always on them (43%). Another notable difference: whereas only 7% of Gleeden’s male members bring a friend in on the secret in order to cover their infidelity, 32% of women confide in one of their friends and bank on women’s solidarity to keep their extramarital affair secret.

Contrary to what one might imagine, women are less discrete and appear to address infidelity with a lighter touch than men. However, this attitude does not stop them from looking ahead: 14% of them in particular state that they always have a change of clothes at hand (in the office, in the car, etc.) and nearly a quarter of them (23%) never go anywhere without their “infidelity kit” (perfume, makeup, toothpaste, hairbrush, condoms, etc.)!


Late work meetings and evenings out with girlfriends: the favourite alibis of cheaters

As for alibis, the most conventional ones appear to have proved their worth. Therefore, professional obligation tops the list of the excuses that are most used by unfaithful men, elected by more than half of the men surveyed (51%). And with good reason! It’s difficult to overburden a husband who says he’s drowning in work without looking like a tyrannical wife…

For their part, women favour very feminine excuses to avoid being suspected by their other half. Therefore, the evening out with girlfriends (66%) and going out shopping alone (58%) are the excuses that are most often used by the fairer sex.

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