Female members fantasised about neighbours


Desperate HousewivesGirl next door… the TV dramas directly inspired by our neighbourhood stories are countless! It is true that a neighbour intrigues, arouses curiosity and is sometimes attractive! Gleeden, the leader of extra-marital encounters with nearly 3.5 million members, has conducted an unprecedented study to learn more about the ties with our neighbours. Friendships and more, discover the answers given by more than 8,000 members*!


Female- members- fantasised- about- neighbours

The neighbour: a fantasy for married women…

While some choose to have a polite attitude towards their neighbours, others are helpful, become friends and sometimes share much more than a staircase. In fact, 62% of Gleeden’s female members admit to having already fantasised about one of their neighbours. For their part, men are even more likely (71%) to have dreamt about a sensual moment in their neighbour’s arms! A fantasy that is far from being reserved for singles.


… and a reality!

A fantasy, nothing too bad so far. But how many really make it come true? This time, it is women who are the boldest: 31% say they have had an affair with one of their neighbours! This figure is much higher than that of men, since only 23% of them have reached this milestone with one of their neighbours. Do these gentlemen play the card of caution, or do they just struggle more to reach their goals?


Affair or long-term relationship?

Gleeden then asked its members about the duration of their extramarital affair with their neighbour. In this case too, answers vary. While the majority of the interviewed male members (62%) seem to settle for a one-night stand in order to make their fantasies come true without taking too many risks, women seem to be more fearless in heeding their desires. Nearly half of them (47%) have experienced infidelity on the doorstep for several weeks and 14% have even extended the affair for several months!


Risky infidelity

But beware, although an affair with one’s neighbour can be particularly exciting, it is nevertheless risky. The proof is that 36% of men and 29% of the women interviewed admit that their infidelity with a neighbour ended up being discovered sooner or later. Indeed, proximity and infidelity don’t mix.

It is also for this reason that Gleeden proposes to its married members a mobile application specially conceived and developed for them. The geolocation feature enables them to discover which members are within a defined area. Thus, they have the opportunity to meet people while ensuring (if they wish) that they are not close neighbours. A good way to avoid embarrassment… Cheating yes, but discreetly!


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