Miracle Flights provides free air transportation to children and adults who need medical care

LAS VEGAS,  October is Dwarfism Awareness Month, and Robin Worley from Chattanooga, Tennessee, is sharing the story of her family's ride with this complicated scientific condition, in hopes of inspiring others.

Robin's 4 children—18-year-old Heidi; 16-year-old same twins Micah and Noah; and 7-year-old-Teagan—were all born with a frequent structure of dwarfism referred to as achondroplasia. It's a situation Robin additionally has.


Like many achondroplastic dwarves, the Worley adolescents go through from serious again issues. Heidi has extreme scoliosis, whilst Micah and Noah fighting with debilitating spinal stenosis. The stress on their spines is so intense, most days the boys cannot sense their legs or even stroll the size of the driveway. "It's at a factor the place their high-quality of lifestyles is gone," says Robin.

Local physicians prompted Robin to discover a medical doctor who specializes in dwarfism, and she did— at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware, extra than seven hundred miles away. Robin's comfort at discovering ideal care used to be tempered with the aid of problem about the distance her household would want to travel. Sitting in a automobile for lengthy stretches can be painful for these with achondroplasia; airplane tickets for a household of six border on price prohibitive when delivered to a developing stack of clinical bills.

A Google search led Robin to the countrywide charity Miracle Flights, which gives free airplane tickets to households who want specialised clinical care a long way from home. Tomorrow, the Worleys will embark on their 1,400-mile round-trip journey, with Miracle Flights overlaying the journey fee for all six household members.

"To have phase of the economic burden lifted by means of Miracle Flights, this is huge. That's 1/2 the battle," says Robin.

At Nemours, the Worley young people will seek advice from with an orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon and geneticist to decide their cure paths—which may want to encompass life-changing surgical procedures for Micah and Noah in the coming months. It's a degree of know-how Robin says is certainly now not handy nearer to home: "At Nemours, dwarfism is what they specialize in. They apprehend it. They understand what to appear for."

Robin hopes her story can encourage different dad and mom to seem for knowledge past their certified nearby clinical teams—and to comprehend that Miracle Flights is there to assist with the cost.

"There are experts out there who have the know-how to assist you," says Robin. "Sometimes you have to go out of town, out of state, throughout the country. It's overwhelming to suppose about the distance, however Miracle Flights is there to get you the place you want to go."

To assist extra households like the Worleys proceed their scientific journey—or to request a flight for your personal family—visit miracleflights.org. 

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