New hope for problems of women with fertility issues , multiple IVF failures


ATHENS, A fifth child used to be born the use of the maternal spindle switch method, as section of the pilot trial  performed by way of the scientific crew of the Institute of Life and Embryotools in Greece, on October 14, 2020. In the context of this pilot trial, this technique has already led to the start of four greater babies, from female with sizeable fertility troubles and a serious records of a couple of IVF failures.

The fifth child used to be born to a 33 years ancient Greek mother, who had gone through 9 failed IVF cycles in the past. Because of her bad oocytes quality, none of her fertilized oocytes reached the blastocyst stage.

Attending obstetrician/gynecology health practitioner Dr. Panagiotis Psathas, issued the following statement: «This girl had already a records of 9 failed IVF attempts. The path of the scientific lookup is positive so far. I'm definitely happy, as a member of the team, for the delivery of the fifth child with the maternal spindle switch method, in the context of the medical lookup performed by using the Institute of Life and Embryotools scientific team».

In a joint statement, Dr. Nuno Costa-Borges, Co-Founder of Embryotools, and Mr. Eros Nikitos, Director of the Institute of Life Embryology Lab, noted: «Today is one extra very essential milestone for our pilot trial, as one extra lady with a complicated records of failed IVF tries gave delivery to a absolutely wholesome toddler with her personal genetic material. At the equal time, the different four teenagers that have been born till now are all properly health-wise too and are being monitored based totally on a unique pediatric protocol. The scientific statistics of our pilot trial are being enriched every day with new records springing up from the monitoring of the different 25 female which are taking part in the scientific research». 

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