Lowa Alcoholic Beverages Division Cedar Ridge #1 Selling Bourbon

SWISHER, Iowa,  On November 3, 2020, the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division posted the rolling twelve-month income income with the aid of class and Cedar Ridge Iowa Straight Bourbon Whiskey is now the #1 promoting 750 ml. bourbon in Iowa.

This is a ancient milestone for two reasons. First, Cedar Ridge has surpassed industrially produced Maker's Mark & Jim Beam as pinnacle seller. In addition, it is grow to be the first craft distiller in the u . s . to produce the #1 promoting bourbon in any state.

"When we commenced Cedar Ridge, we had no thought we would ever come to be #1 in the kingdom in the big class of bourbon," says CEO & Founder Jeff Quint. "That said, we're proud and elated to get there. It's necessary to us that we be applicable and profitable on our domestic field, first and foremost. Iowans must be exporting bourbon, no longer importing it!"

Head Distiller Murphy Quint added, "Iowans have been in our nook ever due to the fact that we first opened our doorways again in 2005. Without their support, we would not even be in business, let on my own the #1 promoting bourbon in the state."

For greater than a decade, Cedar Ridge has been urging Iowans and followers in neighboring states to understand the deserves of its Iowa Bourbon which is made from Iowa corn grown on the household farm.

"Iowa produces greater corn than any nation in the country, and most distilled spirits are made from corn. Yet, earlier than Cedar Ridge, we Iowans have been importing a hundred percent of the $350 million in distilled spirits we devour every year," says Jeff. "We have been promoting $4 well worth of corn to different states and then shopping for lower back $40 really worth of spirits made from our personal corn."

For Cedar Ridge, this success has been constructing for some time. In 2018, after receiving the "Best of Category" straight bourbon award from the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, the distillery quickly launched an award-winning SORRY KENTUCKY campaign. "It's simply intended to be playful banter," says Marketing Manager Anna Servey of the marketing campaign which takes an apologetic, matter-of-fact tone for the award-winning bourbon. "Once the intention of turning into #1 bourbon used to be inside reach, relaunching SORRY KENTUCKY regarded like simply the more push we wanted to get there."

Now, with success in income catching up with success in competitions, will it mark a shift in the distillery's approach? Not in accordance to Murphy.

"Quantity is a very vital issue from a commercial enterprise standpoint," he says. "We clearly have numbers to hit and quotas we want to meet. But from a consumer's factor of view, they do not care if we have 10 barrels or 10 million barrels. They simply choose the whiskey to be great."

By accomplishing these milestones, Cedar Ridge has emerge as a shining instance for different craft distillers throughout the country. Is there a lesson right here for them?

"It's now not convenient and it is no longer a speedy process, however it is possible," says Jeff. "We first have to construct a product of gorgeous quality. We then have to put it in an attractive package. We have to set it up at the proper price. Then we have to create tremendous campaigns to entice the consumer. This all takes time and resources. But the payoff is superb when you get it all right."

As extra craft distilleries be a part of the market, Cedar Ridge has demonstrated you can generate notoriety regardless of the place you are headquartered.

"I assume we have verified that you can construct a profitable whiskey manufacturer from somewhere in the world," says Murphy. "You can create a very normal product in a not-so-traditional location. Right now, our success would possibly appear like a Cinderella Story genuinely due to the fact we have been the first craft distillery to accomplish this feat. But 5-10 years from now, I would not be amazed if most states have a craft producer as their #1 promoting brand."

So now that Cedar Ridge has taken the mantle in its domestic state, what's next? Setting points of interest on turning into Bourbon Capital of the World?

"That's now not some thing it's on our thinking here," says Murphy. "I'd truely like to see the nation of Iowa get consciousness as one of the best whiskey-producing states. That's a private purpose of mine. If you ask most whiskey shoppers the place their whiskey comes from, most of them will say Kentucky, Tennessee or Scotland. I'd be honored if humans began to listing Iowa in that conversation."

As the most latest income consequences show, Cedar Ridge Iowa Straight Bourbon Whiskey is one step nearer to that goal.

In celebration, Cedar Ridge will be web hosting an on-site Open House from Thursday, November twelfth – Saturday, November 14th. There will be tours, stay music, drink specials and more. Find out extra on Facebook at @CedarRidgeIowa or go to crwine.com for details. 

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