Sex toy start-up Biird launches petition end sexual wellness censorship

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands,  Sex toy start-up Biird these days launches a petition calling for the give up of sexual well-being censorship and gender inequality on social media.

Supported with the aid of advertising and marketing and sextech large Cindy Gallop and sexual well-being professionals Dr Logan Levkoff and the Center for Intimacy Justice, the petition calls on Facebook to trade its insurance policies to permit the merchandising of sexual well being records and merchandise to accurately aged adults, in a comparable way alcohol brands goal unique age groups.


To assist teach coverage makers and enforcers, Biird created an instructional hub highlighting the significance of sexual wellbeing statistics and the problems that occur from censorship.

Facebook states "Adverts need to no longer promote the sale or use of grownup merchandise or services, until they promote household planning and contraception"*. A large rule open to interpretation. Condoms and erectile dysfunction merchandise fall inside this class and are frequently promoted whilst girl well being merchandise like vibrators which promote sexual fitness are banned.

Evi, Biird Co-founder, said:

"We understand the restrictions our enterprise faces however that does not suggest we receive them. This petition and hub spotlight how favouring male merchandise like viagra is no longer solely wrong, however additionally affects the enterprise and its capacity to grow, all whilst stopping get entry to to instructional content material on lady sexual issues. We are asking all sexual well being businesses to be part of us and exhibit their support. Sign the petition and demand Facebook equal the enjoying field."

The regulations additionally motive funding problems for girl wellbeing start-ups.

Cindy Gallop, marketing expert, and founder and CEO of Make Love, Not Porn said:

"Advertising structures are capturing themselves in the foot with gender-biased sextech bans. The capability for female-founded sexual fitness and well-being manufacturers to promote and consequently to scale, unlocks the potential to increase serious funding from challenge capitalists and buyers in search of unicorns, which in flip ensures serious income for these platforms. There's a big quantity of cash to be made out of taking ladies critically - particularly when it comes to sex." 

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