Nepalese handicaps provided with Jaipur Foot

 Jaipur.  Fourteen Nepalese men and women, who were suffering from lack of mobility

because of their handicaps were provided with the Jaipur Foot and callipers here by the

makers of the world-famous Jaipur Foot, Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata


Nepalese  handicaps  provided with Jaipur Foot

These eight women and five men, who are from Kohalpur under Banke district of Nepal

travelled especially to be fitted with artificial limbs and callipers by the BMVSS free.

They have been suffering for a long time because of the lack of artificial limbs and

callipers and now they could walk easily.

D R Mehta, the founder and the chief patron of the BMVSS said a very large number of

persons in neighbouring Nepal are in need of artificial limbs and appliances. He said it

would be the endeavour of the BMVSS to hold special camps in various places in Nepal

and rehabilitate such persons. He said, individuals and such handicapped persons in

groups could also be rehabilitated free if they travel to India.

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