Footballer report match-fixing via Red Button app

 FIFPRO – the International Federation of Professional Footballers - and UEFA have signed a joint cooperation agreement that recognises the Red Button whistleblowing app as the go-to platform for professional footballers to report possible match-fixing incidents.

Footballer report match-fixing  via Red Button app

Launched in Finland almost 10 years ago, Red Button has become a central component of FIFPRO’s efforts to prevent match-fixing, complementing several other reporting mechanisms developed by football governing bodies - including UEFA’s integrity reporting platform.

Red Button, which can be downloaded by players upon receipt of a code distributed by a players’ union affiliated to FIFPRO, allows users to anonymously report valuable information about potential match-fixing concerns. While players can share contact details if they wish, all information remains strictly confidential unless otherwise agreed.

Closer coordination

The new cooperation agreement allows FIFPRO to exchange information received via the Red Button app with UEFA’s anti-match-fixing unit. This will facilitate closer coordination in the fight against match-fixing – a key goal of the new anti-match-fixing action plan approved by UEFA’s Executive Committee on 11 July 2021.

Collaboration across the entire football community, including the use of common whistleblowing channels, is critical to identifying and dismantling sophisticated, systemised corruption schemes that can threaten professional footballers’ careers and lives.

Recognise, Reject, Report

Both UEFA and FIFPRO are committed to delivering the same ‘3Rs’ message to players approached to fix a match: RECOGNISE, REJECT and REPORT.

It is of utmost importance to stand united and stay connected when facing such a scourge on the essence of the game. It is in the common interest of all those who love and live by football.

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