Xing-Fang Li -named to Royal Society of Canada

Xing-Fang Li: Ensuring a safe water supply

Over 20 years, Xing-Fang Li, Canada Research Chair in Analytical and Environmental Toxicology in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, has devoted herself to research and innovation that contribute to water safety and environmental health.

Xing-Fang Li -named to Royal Society of Canada

Xing-Fang Li has had a profound impact on water safety and treatment as both a researcher and a mentor. (Photo: Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)

Her lab has created sensitive techniques that enable detection of chemicals and microbial pathogens in water, identified new classes of chemical compounds in water, studied how they are formed and assessed potential health effects, all of which have enhanced innovation in water treatment and water safety.

Besides a safe water supply, Li’s multidisciplinary research program has trained the next generation of toxicologists.

“I am privileged to have mentored more than 100 students and post-doctoral researchers who are making great contributions in Alberta, Canada, and around the world by dedicating their knowledge and skills to teaching, research and innovation in academia, industry and government sectors.”

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