The Pint-Sized Heroes program continues this summer with the announcement of Baskin-Robbins’ tenth honoree to date: 15-year-old Miguel Coppedge from Washington, D.C.! Miguel exemplifies young philanthropists impacting their communities for the better, and Baskin-Robbins is excited to recognize Miguel’s passion and commitment to serving his community. Miguel’s dedication to helping others knows no limit: he runs his own charity, serves as a motivational speaker to foster kids and has authored multiple books.

Most recently, Miguel demonstrated his charitable nature with a birthday wish - instead of asking for presents, he asked for donations. Miguel collected toiletries, packed them into bags with the words “I Care,” printed on them and partnered with D.C.’s Child and Family Service Agency to distribute the bags to foster children. For Miguel, this mission was personal, as he himself was a foster child in the D.C. foster care system until he was adopted at the age of two.

Creating these care packages inspired Miguel to start his own charity, the I Care Comfort Foundation. In his first round of donations, he distributed over 100 I Care Comfort Bags to children in the D.C. foster system. Miguel’s hope is that these care packages provide foster children with supplies they need, but also to show them that they are loved, special and cared for.