ice cream on beach day

 Beach Day is inspired by a delightful day at the beach, with different flavors and textures that transport you to your favorite waterfront spot with each spoonful. Keep reading for the inside scoop on this unique and rich flavor.

Truly inspired by a perfect day at the beach, this beautifully colored and tasty flavor brings the perfect balance of sweet and salty to your tastebuds. Beach Day is a wave of sea salted vanilla flavored ice cream, swirled with crunchy graham cracker “sand,” milk chocolate flavored caramel filled sea turtles and colorful frosting flecks.

The real star of this scoop is the blue colored salted vanilla flavored ice cream made with real sea salt from the Pacific Ocean. The flavor experts at Baskin-Robbins wanted to bring all of the elements of the ocean to life by adding a crunchy graham cracker ribbon that’s swirls throughout each bite providing a delightful texture. Packing the flavor even more, milk chocolate flavored caramel filled sea turtles and frosting flecks bring hits of sweetness that swim through the smooth ice cream and crash into your taste buds like waves on the shore.

Dress up July’s Flavor of the Month with Baskin-Robbins’ new Creature Creations® lineup! Straight from the seven seas, Creature Creations® Into the Sea, including the Shark, Dolphin and Sea Turtle, are ready to take your next scoop on an underwater adventure. Creature Creations® are riding waves into Baskin-Robbins shops all summer long through playful cup designs, white chocolate toppers and a colorful explosion of sea-inspired sprinkles. Guests will also receive a free creature-inspired crown with every Creature Creations® purchase to add a splash of fun while enjoying their ice cream, while supplies last. 

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