wife get pregnant after one months of sterilization ( vasectomy)


So is she really cheated on him?

wife- get- pregnant- after- one- months- of - sterilization ( vasectomy)

married couple had planned for 2 children. Both partners didn't want more than 2 . So they went to 

 sterlized there. After one months wife missed period and then pregnancy test came positive.

Both were Shocked.

So is she really cheated on him?

Answer is Big No.

Then how she got pregnant?

  • Reason is after Vasectomy although New sperms are blocked by cutting the tube (vas deferens
  •  )but previously formed spermatozoa still present in tube and that are enough to make
  •  women fertilize up to 3 months. Same things happened here.
  • So if someone in your circle do vasectomy, give them advice to use protection for few months.

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