School Spirit Cake


After supporting the grad in your life through all the ups and downs and standing by their side every step of the way, it’s finally time to celebrate their accomplishments with a one-of-a-kind treat! 

School -Spirit -Cake

Graduation day isn’t just for long gowns and rolled up paper, it’s a time to revel in how far your grad has come and indulge in an out of this world ice cream cake. Whether your celebration is a large virtual bash or a small family gathering, Baskin-Robbins has you covered with fun and customizable ice cream cakes for the perfect graduation celebration.

School Spirit Cake

Your grad deserves all the pomp and circumstance that graduation day brings! Our School Spirit Cake features a sweet “Congratulations” message, decorated with customizable school colors, a 2021 banner and fun traditional graduation cap to top it off. Customize with your grad's favorite cake flavor and ice cream flavor inside for their own personalized graduation gift!


School Spirit PhotoCake®

Take the School Spirit Cake up a notch by adding a personalized photo of the grad, their school or a special memory from the past to show off how far they’ve come! Baskin-Robbins’ School Spirit PhotoCake® will be adorned with the photo you upload along with a traditional graduation cap topper and 2021 banner to mark the occasion. Further personalize with frosting in any color you choose as well as your choice of cake and ice cream flavor.


Diploma Roll Cake

Recognize your graduate and let the celebration commence! Our new Diploma Roll Cake is a classic combination of chocolate cake and ice cream wrapped up in an adorable diploma-shaped treat. Tied up in a red bow, the Diploma Roll Cake will have your grad cheering to their next adventure.


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