UEFA and FIBA share common values


UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin and Andreas Zagklis, Secretary General of the Federation of International Basketball (FIBA) showed that their sports share more than a common home when they met at the ‘House of Basketball’ in Switzerland last week.

UEFA- and- FIBA- share- common- values

"UEFA and FIBA share common values, based on solidarity and open competitions," said Mr Čeferin, during his visit to FIBA’s official headquarter in Mies, located a few kilometres along Lake Geneva from UEFA’s own HQ in Nyon.

At the meeting, both Mr Čeferin and Mr Zagklis reiterated their commitment to protecting the European model of the sport.

"There is a long-lasting, established partnership between UEFA and FIBA and we are a lot more than just neighbors," Zagklis said. "We are proud to share the same values and to work together promoting them."

Lifelong basketball fan

As a lifelong basketball fan and former player in Slovenia’s national league, Mr. Čeferin welcomed the opportunity to visit the impressive ‘Patrick Baumann House of Basketball’.

The building’s interior includes displays of iconic shirts donated by former basketball greats. Naturally, the UEFA President paid particular interest to the national team jersey once worn by his compatriot Goran Dragic - FIBA EuroBasket MVP (Most Valued Player) in 2017.

Mutual challenges

Discussions between Mr Čeferin and Mr Zagklis also addressed their sports’ mutual challenges in staging international competitions, as well as football’s and basketball’s potential for helping society recover from the global pandemic.

“It was good to exchange views on the current demanding situation and to discuss the positive role sport has in helping communities return to normal,” said Mr Čeferin.

The meeting is expected to provide a platform for UEFA and FIBA to work together to find new ways of growing participation and expertise in football and basketball, both across Europe and beyond.

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