Funds from FIFA’s helped restart football in Kyrgyz Republic


Pandemic has significantly impacted Funds from FIFA’s COVID-19 Relief Plan have helped restart

Funds from FIFA’s COVID-19 Relief Plan have helped restart the local game

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Like many places in the world, football in the Kyrgyz Republic has been heavily impacted by COVID-19. It is particularly the case in the Central Asian nation where the pandemic and its implications have cut deeply.

Funds- from- FIFA’s-helped- restart- football- in- Kyrgyz Republic

Football was halted during the height of the pandemic, but FIFA was able to help restart the game under managed conditions thanks to funding from its COVID-19 Global Relief Plan.

Support came in the form of equipment and pitch maintenance expenses, COVID-19 related medical costs and funds to help broadcast matches on TV and YouTube, including all women’s and youth matches for the first time.

“We were very pleased that the football championship in Kyrgyzstan was allowed to go ahead, as well as the cup competitions,” said FC Abdysh-Ata Kant midfielder Baktiyar Duishobekov. “We want to thank FIFA for supporting our federation who managed to overcome this difficult situation by applying all the medical requirements, so that all the games could go ahead."

FIFA has been active in the fight against COVID-19 since early last year, collaborating heavily with the World Health Organization. Last July, the Bureau of the FIFA Council approved the groundbreaking COVID-19 Relief Plan which set aside a fund of USD 1.5 billion to FIFA member associations and the six confederations.

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