Yoga favorite sport of unfaithful women


For a week, sport has been at the heart of every conversation. And with good reason! It is official, the city of Paris will host the Olympic Games in 2024. Which gives Gleeden, the European leader for extramarital encounters with almost 3.7 million members, the opportunity to take a look at in the sports activities of its members. Which sports are practised most by the unfaithful? Find out the answers from over 15,000 Gleeden members!

Yoga -favorite -sport- of- unfaithful- women

Male cheaters prefer ball sports!

At the top of the unfaithful men’s list of favourite sports, is tennis, which is practiced by 31% of the men surveyed by Gleeden! Without a doubt, unfaithful men like to hit a ball. The proof, golf and soccer come in second and third place, and is practiced by 22% and 16% of the men respectively. Rugby (13%) and running (11%), complete this list of the 5 top sports, most practiced by unfaithful men.


Yoga: the favorite sport of unfaithful women

Women maintain their seductive capital and opt for gentler sports to take care of their figures. Yoga takes first place in the women’s ranking, practiced by 29% of unfaithful women, followed by fitness (23%) and then pilates (16%)! Flexibility, softness and tone seem to be the most important for Gleeden’s female members! Popular among the unfaithful, running rates in both rankings and is practiced by 14% of the women interviewed. Finally, swimming takes the last place in the top 5 feminine sports, and is practiced by 9% of women.


Cheaters, true athletes!

To maintain a lasting extramarital relationship, it is better to have energy to spare and be in good physical shape. And the members Gleeden seem to have understood this, because they train like true athletes! 49% of men and 46% of women interviewed by Gleeden say they practise sports several times a week, while only 9% of men and 12% of women admit that they don’t.


Sport: the favourite alibi for infidelity!

But there is another reason for the attraction for the unfaithful to sports. Yes, according to a recent study by Gleeden, sport is one of the most common alibis used by the unfaithful to find their lovers. 10% of Gleeden members admit they have taken a gym membership with the sole purpose of using it as an alibi! No wonder then, that the idea ended up by driving some of them to decide to practice sports regularly.

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