Stinginess real romance killer


Stinginess: Number 1 reason for female infidelity?

Stinginess- real- romance- killer

Romantic dinners, surprise weekends, flowers and other kind gestures… Men are ready to do anything to conquer a woman, regardless of the price. But once the wooing stage is over, the couple settles down and the natural personality takes over. From then on, some men are far less generous, or even downright stingy! This is a defect that often alarms women. What if this lack of generosity were a factor in infidelity? To find out more, Gleeden, the European leader in extramarital dating with over 3.5 million members, interviewed 5,000 women.*


Three-quarters of married women would like their spouse to be more generous

Although they do not ask to be showered with gifts, women appreciate being looked after and valued. Therefore a generous and caring man is very likely to seduce and keep a woman. Unfortunately, it appears that these qualities are still rare … Indeed, 74% of the women interviewed felt that their spouse was not generous enough, and 56% admitted that they had already quarrelled about this issue. Indeed, male avarice can lead to severe friction and frustration within couples…


“If you’re going to be cheap, I’ll look elsewhere!”

Avarice is a nasty fault. It can cause serious damage to a relationship! Here is the proof: 69% of women interviewed by Gleeden think that their spouse’s lack of generosity was directly linked to their infidelity. Love speaks with sweet words, tenderness, small gestures and initiatives. These sometimes have a price, which some men are unwilling to pay, at the risk of their spouse finding satisfaction elsewhere…


Stinginess is a real romance killer

To explain their infidelity as a result of their spouse’s lack of generosity, most female members interviewed by Gleeden (39%) stated their need to feel valued. 29% admit that their self-esteem is hurt when their spouse does not make sufficient effort. Finally, over a quarter of them declare that stinginess has suppressed their desire for their spouse, and that they consider this defect to be a real romance killer.

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