Mistress Day, the day dedicated to unfaithful lovers


February 13 is “Mistress Day”, the day dedicated to unfaithful lovers. This year, 73% of straying husbands and boyfriends will celebrate the festivity with their mistress

Mistress- Day-, the- day- dedicated- to- unfaithful- lovers


In the era of World’s Days, also extramarital affairs have found their place in the calendar! And just like every year, February 13 marks a day for unfaithful couples and straying men. The notorious “festivity” dates back to 2009, in New York City, when someone noticed a veritable boom of flowers delivered and hotel rooms reserved: and that was how clandestine lovers got their very own day to celebrate their love!

According to Gleeden, the leading extramarital dating website with almost 4 million subscribers, this year 7 men out of 10 will find a way to see their “other woman” on Mistress Day. According to a survey launched on a 5.032 members, in fact, 73% are going to meet with their lover on February 13 to celebrate together this sort of Anti-Valentine’s Day.


Lingerie and sex toys: this year Mistress Day is all about sex

If wives and girlfriends will most certainly receive red roses and a box of chocolate, the mistress will be given presents definitely much more sexy! 52% will give their mistress sexy lingerie, while 26% even a sex toy. Only the 12% of the men interviewed will stick to something more traditional like jewelry.

The popularity of sexy gifts has its reason to be: 89% of straying men is in fact expecting to spend few hours making good hot love to their mistresses on Mistress Day.

Finally yet importantly, a small but significant percentage (23%) will buy the same present for both their partner and their lover. Just in case they get confused!

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