Lithuanian football supporting international sustainability and social responsibility campaigns

 The Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF) and Lithuanian clubs joined several international campaigns in the past year to raise awareness among the football community about environmental and sustainability issues. In July, the LFF joined the #PlayGreen project, which aims to engage volunteers across Europe and promote the values of eco-friendly sport by creating grassroots sports activities.

Lithuanian- football- supporting- international -sustainability- and- social- responsibility -campaigns

In another initiative, a team of 20 campaigners have joined forces under the guidance of the LFF’s grassroots projects manager, Greta Guižauskaitė. Acting as green ambassadors, their mission is to raise awareness of sustainability issues among the football community and to develop specific actions to reduce the environmental impact of the game.

Meanwhile, five football clubs are taking part in the #GreenCoach programme in order to improve their good governance by incorporating sustainability into their daily management. Experts from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, Italy, will create an online tool for the clubs to measure their environmental footprint on and off the field.

"Environmental policy is becoming more visible in Lithuania. We are more aware of social responsibility matters and have started to implement sustainable actions in our daily work and projects. Together with UEFA, we are working to make football more attractive in different social, economic and public areas," said Guižauskaitė.

This article originally appeared in UEFA Direct 193

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