Leonid Oleinicenco re-elected President Football Association of Moldova (FMF)

 The 39-year-old, who became president in May 2019, announced his intention to implement a new football development programme in Moldova.

Leonid -Oleinicenco - re-elected - President -Football -Association- of- Moldova- (FMF)

“I and our team will make every effort to achieve the set goals for the development of Moldovan football,” he said. “The new strategy was developed with the help of European organisations and international experts. I am convinced that we will succeed.”

“UEFA and FIFA provide us with comprehensive support,” Oleinicenco added. “We are implementing and will continue to implement various projects.”

Turning to the UEFA Executive Committee’s scheduled meeting in Chisinau in September, he said: “This confirms the positive image that international organisations have of the FMF. Football’s development is a common cause for all of us."

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