Jordan Hartley responds over string bikini at Aussie beach

 What is even the point of putting a piece of string on?” another person asked, with Jordan replying: “What even is the point of you commenting? I hope it made you feel better.”

Jordan- Hartley- responds- over- string- bikini- at- Aussie- beach

Others told Jordan she “may as well wear nothing”, with another commenting: “Just one sneeze and it’s gone”.

You do not have the right to comment on other women's bodies. Women should stick together, no matter what we look like.”

A few days later, she uploaded another video showing a comment from a followers saying: “Don’t need it. Trying to send you respect but when you have none you can’t get any.”

Jordan replied: “Respect isn’t about how you dress or show your body to the world. You can respect yourself and still be naked”.


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