Pussycat Doll turned up heat cheetah-print thong bikini at pristine beaches

Nicole Scherzinger wore a cheetah-print two-piece and hit the sea shores for some "brassy trickeries" with 

her beau, a previous Scottish rugby association player and model.Nicole made a point to catch the pair 's 

fun in the sun, sharing three senseless, skin-exposing snaps to her Instagram account. 

Pussycat- Doll- turned- up- heat- cheetah-print- thong- bikini- at- pristine- beaches

In one pic, the couple puts on a big show for the camera by pulling faces — yet when you're both that 

alluring it's difficult to take a terrible photograph!  

In another, the Pussycat Doll turned up the warmth by presenting side-on to exposed her spunky derriere

 in her strap swimsuit bottoms while a dip trunk-wearing Thom flaunted his best sulk.

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