SheFactor, country's leading lifestyle brand for twenty-something women Presents 11 Virtual Gifts For The Go-Getter Gals In Your Life


DENVER, DPRNewswire/ -- Loking for the perfect gift for the twenty-something gal in your life?  SheFactor, the country's leading lifestyle brand for twenty-something women, has it.

SheFactor,- country's- leading- lifestyle- brand- for twenty-something women Presents 11 Virtual- Gifts -For- The -Go-Getter- Gals- In -Your- Life

2020 was rough, and gifting in the time of Covid can be impossible. Remember all those new decade dreams we once had? Most of them are a distant memory as the uncertainty of the new year falls upon us. But as you make your way down your holiday shopping list, we bet there's someone special on there who hasn't stopped dreaming.   She's made the most of every curveball this year and turned lemons into a Lemonade Spritzer with fresh basil and strawberries (yum!

Hustling towards their goals, especially amidst a global pandemic, can take quite the toll on her (no matter how glamorous the go-getter life can look from the outside). Which is why gifts that reduce stress and add a little fun into the mix are the perfect way to up your game (and hers) this holiday season!

These SheFactor virtual gift picks were curated to help the gals in your life feel their best while they're shooting for the stars. You'll find journals and planners to help her manifest her dreams. Gifts that will allow her to slow down and smell the roses (literally). All the tools and resources she needs to create a life she loves. And, of course, who doesn't love to let a little loose with a good glass of wine? But what they all boil down to is her wellness, the gift that keeps on giving. The better she feels, the bigger she'll dream!

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"SheFactor helps young women create a life they love and conquer life surrounded by an incredible community of fellow go getters," founder Heidi Ganahl explained. "This is a movement founded by women for women with a podcast, a book, an app, virtual and live events, beautiful SheKit subscription boxes and our DailyShe newsletter. Joined by my daughter Tori Ganahl, we're here to build a future of fierce women, starting with the young ladies in your life, help us spread the joy."

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