Police woman attempted to take her own life after ex-boyfriend posted intimate pictures videos

 A cop is battling for her life following a self destruction endeavor after her ex delivered vengeance pornography recordings of her on the web, her family says. 

Police- woman- attempted- to- take- her- own- life after ex-boyfriend -posted- intimate- pictures -videos

The stunning episode happened in the city of Bragado, Argentina, where nearby police officer and mother-of-two Belen San Roman, 26, endeavored to end her own life on December 1.  

Ms San Roman left a note bidding farewell to her children and saying 'sorry' to her family. 

She incorporated the secret phrase to her cell phone clearly planning to lead the specialists to her ex who has since been kept. 

As indicated by neighborhood media, Ms San Roman was a survivor of retribution pornography after the suspect, who has not been named, delivered personal pictures and recordings via online media which immediately spread.

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