married people argue more during heatwave


68% of married people argue more during the heatwave. More than 3 out of 10 married people are even sleeping apart!

married- people- argue- more- during- heatwave

As we all know, an unprecedented heatwave has disrupted life across the UK, but what influence does the heat have on relationships and marriages? Gleeden have asked 8,000 users how the hot weather has impacted them.

Half of men experience a drop in libido

Due to the heat, unpleasant emotions seem to be bubbling to the surface – irritability (for 76% of respondents), nervousness (62%) and fatigue (36%) are strongly felt when temperatures reach over 30°C. As a direct result, 42% of respondents say they observe a significant drop in their libido during this period.

Heated arguments are more common

If even half of the couple feels their mood drop, what happens to the household’s harmony? More than 6 out of 10 married people state that extreme heat has a negative impact on their relationship with their spouse! This leads to 68% of respondents noticing that they argue more in the heat. 

In addition to arguments, periods of high temperatures have a considerable impact on their sex lives. 52% of respondents say that they are having significantly less sex, which is only exacerbated by their lack of libido.

And in extreme cases?

Gleeden also found that more than a third of married couples have slept separately during the heatwave.

Sol√®ne Paillet, Gleeden’s head of communications, explains: “Through this study, we realised that the emotions couples feel are heightened during periods of extreme temperatures. We have also seen unusual growth this last month, coinciding with the hottest periods recorded this year. It seems that our members have a stronger need to “decompress” by using Gleeden rather than dealing with a more irritable spouse.

What is Gleeden?

Gleeden is the first website in Europe dedicated exclusively to people who are married or in a relationship and want to indulge in an extramarital affair.

Since the app first launched in 2009, Gleeden has grown quickly and steadily, now helping over five million users worldwide, across India, Europe, Turkey, and with 250,000 users in the UK alone.

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