automotive sector is expected to employ 36 million people

BANGALORE, India, - Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) is the first Sector Skill Council of India. A collaborative initiative via Government of India, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) and Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) to make the kingdom self-sufficient in knowledgeable manpower in Automotive Industry.


Based on the Automotive Mission Plan 2019-2026, the automobile zone is predicted to hire 36 million humans via 2026. These jobs are probably to cross away from usual manufacturing to computer-enabled solutions.

ASDC pursuits to ability and certify 25 million childhood in the subsequent 10 years, equipping specialists with abilities in areas like IoT, mechatronics, robotics, 3D printing, AI, computer learning, deep learning, analytics, digital collaboration, automobile design, and computational thinking.

"The enterprise has to cope with fast digitalisation to meet the developing needs of our consumers. It is going through a rising abilities shortage," stated Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC. "Looking at the cutting-edge digital landscape, we desire to set up a supportive surroundings for authorities to research new skills, achieve a aggressive side and employment."

Through Certif-ID's credible solutions, a committed capabilities community, ASDC is furthering its surroundings the place expert car professionals are internationally recognized for their abilities whilst focusing on their profession desires and growing their incomes potential.

"Our strategy is to assist ASDC and provide them that impenetrable machine they want to realize and song their student's potential, overall performance and progress," stated Mike Wild. "Also, Certif-ID is broadening ASDC's choices with its blockchain-powered options aimed at bridging the competencies hole in the industry."


Brand Protection - ASDC protects their manufacturer in opposition to counterfeit and faux certificates taking gain of blockchain technology.
Operational Efficiency - Replaces time-consuming guide approaches for certificates issuing and verification with automated, invulnerable digital certification processes.
Data Analytics - A single view of students, guides and certificates to fill gaps in getting to know and assist customize and streamline education.
Transforming ASDC's digital applications with a purpose-built app

Providing a complete device handy anytime, from anywhere, on any machine to problem e-certificates to college students who entire their guides used to be key to personalising ASDC's experience. It used to be for this purpose that

ASDC partnered with Certif-ID to set up a experience of manipulate whilst issuing direction completion certificates, appreciating a linked experience.

"ASDC used to be the usage of separate structures to difficulty e-certificates for their digital getting to know programs, face-to-face personal applications and to generate QR codes. These structures wanted excessive help and had excessive hardware dependency. With groups working from home, it grew to become tough to use them. We wished a extra agile, linked and scalable solution," stated  Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC.

ASDC is now the usage of Certif-ID, an end-to-end answer that manages the whole training, evaluation and certification journey. By issuing digital certificates on a blockchain framework, they're bringing have faith and transparency lower back to the technique - making ASDC's certificates immutable/tamper-proof.

With the capacity to take care of assessments and certification at batch level, ADSC has received overarching visibility of:

Students who are getting certifiedCourses being undertaken
Certificates being reissued
The variety of certificates being tested and validated
ASDC observed a answer to shield its manufacturer and difficulty secure, verifiable digital certificates.

Certif-ID has little/no hardware dependency, it seamlessly integrates with ASDC's present workflow and LMS. Taking gain of Certif-ID, ASDC changed significant guide methods like monitoring and verifying pre-issued certificates. They decreased their operational inefficiencies and blunders whilst enhancing their time efficiency.

Overcoming common limitations to difficulty fine digital certificates

Now, as quickly as a digital studying application pupil graduates, ASDC is issuing a tamper-proof digital certificates positioned on the blockchain. The digital certificates are issued by using the Certif-ID platform immediately to the student's electronic mail tackle and student's Certif-ID profile, SkillPass.

"We desired a secure, centralised gadget to control ASDC's non-government application assessments and difficulty certificates," stated Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC. "Certif-ID proposed its blockchain-powered answer to problem invulnerable and verifiable digital certificates. This is no longer solely assisting us however additionally our students, as they now have a platform backing their career."

The Certif-ID platform presents a unified dashboard that ASDC can use to analyse certificates issuing trends, route enrolment and different drivers of demand, boosting ASDC's standards. Certif-ID has additionally outfitted the college students with a SkillPass that they can use to song their lifelong learning, exhibit their capabilities and land jobs.

An immutable certification and standardisation platform for educators

The Certif-ID blockchain-powered hub has enabled ASDC to control their evaluation and certificates issuance technique effectively, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and transient work from home.

"As the platform is powered by using blockchain it brings transparency and traceability throughout the whole community and process, from list education programs, developing and managing batches to issuing digital certificates," stated Mike Wild.

To get onboard, ASDC virtually signed up to Certif-ID, created their profile and was once set equipped to interact with the students. They comfortably built-in their LMS with Certif-ID and started issuing digital certificates that can be established instantly. For example, the Certif-ID crew stored in widely wide-spread contact with ASDC workforce to make positive they have all the data and sources wanted for a easy onboarding experience.

"Whether we are working from domestic or office, we desired clear visibility into the range of college students in every course, the batches and wide variety of certificates issued," stated  Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC. "Certif-ID surpassed our expectations. Its statistics analytics dashboard offers us with insights such as famous publications and the variety of certificates being verified. Certif-ID has superior our manufacturer recognition and has created a future-focused certification and record-keeping strategy."

In addition to issuing digital certificates, ASDC is additionally encouraging college students to create their SkillPass. SkillPass is a dynamic profile that college students can use to show off and show their competencies and join with recruiters.

Students are the usage of the SkillPass to file their video CVs, generate Europass CV, and to save and share expert files with workable recruiters. SkillPass's capability to information college students with the aid of imparting customized guidelines primarily based on their competencies and pastime is additionally supporting them map their profession pathway with confidence.

"What's fantastic is that the digital certificates that we problem now can be shared through college students easily. Recruiters with get admission to to the digital certificates or SkillPass can confirm an individual's credentials immediately and make a suitable hiring decision," stated Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC. "We're extraordinarily glad with the platform and guide we have received." 

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