Wellness Next Step provides moms nutrition guidance maintain healthy lifestyles.

MIDLAND, N.C., Nov. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Wellness Next Step of Midland, North Carolina now offers busy moms personalized nutrition coaching as a complete customized regimen to help moms get their desired results and achieve overall wellness goals.

These regimens are developed with a personalized one-on-one coaching approach, the convenience of technology, science-based supplementation, and the power of education. Wellness Next Step provides moms nutrition guidance in tandem with online fitness training to help achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles.

"We are so excited to offer busy mothers a coaching program customized to fit their goals, commitment, and lifestyle," said Vilmos Bond, Founder, CEO, and Lead Nutrition Coach of WellnessNextStep.com. Bond has always encouraged eating well, but Wellness Next Step now has a reliable technology-based support program that completely complements our one-on-one coaching services. With our technology, we're looking to provide our clients with more significant results through real-time responses, education, and accountability.

We are a true nutrition coaching program for busy mothers based on scientific research results and a published article in the Saga Journal by David Thomas. In the article, Thomas writes about the depletion of minerals in the soil, which leads to mineral depletion and inadequate nutrition in the food we eat every day. Along with eating whole food, Bond believes some moms may need to take supplements to maintain their vitamin levels for optimal health.

"My nutrition coaching program will give busy mothers the tools they need to make healthy choices every day for themselves and their families," said Bond. "We live in a fast-paced society, and it's very easy to let your health and nutrition take a backseat. Wellness Next Step nutrition coaching is a way to take back control and make healthier, informed decisions about what moms and their families eat."

With our busy mothers in mind, we created our 30-Day Transformation e-book. Based on a questionnaire, we tailor this 30-Day Transformation e-book specifically for busy moms. By downloading this e-book, you will also receive, healthy recipes, and weekly health tips, along with access to our mobile app for $9.97 a month ($29.97 value) offer ends December 31st 2020. At WellnessNextStep.com wants to celebrate a healthier you!

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