Releases Enhanced Handwashing, Mask Use and Hygiene Tips & Free Resources

As COVID-19 Continues and Cold & Flu Season Approaches, Releases Enhanced Handwashing, Mask Use and Hygiene Tips & Free Resources

ANN ARBOR, Mich.NSF International's Scrub Club® — an interactive and first-of-its-kind, instructional program that gives free handwashing resources for teachers, dad and mom and caregivers of kids three to 8 years historical — launched a new and better website today. The website now facets two new Scrub Club® characters -- Coughing Cora and Maskwell -- amidst ongoing security measures associated to COVID-19 and the upcoming flu season.  The web page also homes pattern lesson plans for kindergarten via third grade (K-3) on healthful behaviors, up to date tips and instructing tools as classrooms continue to stay open.

"We recognize that kids are greater probable to seize colds at some point of fall and winter, and COVID-19 instances proceed to rise. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) disclosed that greater than 277,000 teens have been recognized with COVID-191. This skill it is imperative for educators and caregivers to teach desirable hand hygiene practices to school-aged youngsters to help reduce the chance of flu, COVID-19 and different viruses," says Mindy Costello, Scrub Club® Manager at NSF International. " was designed with those on the front traces of training in thought and affords the tools and sources they need to help instruct students and preserve their classrooms safer."

With 56 million adolescents resuming some form of in-person schooling, NSF International refreshed the Scrub Club® website with a new look and common navigation. The web site approves users to without difficulty become aware of and down load the sources they need, such as new handwashing activities, videos and downloadable posters that showcase the CDC's five steps to desirable handwashing, all for free! The web page also homes sample lesson plans for K-3 on wholesome behaviors, tips and educating tools for lecture room and in-home use.

The internet site additionally facets two new characters:

Coughing Cora, the germy villain who helps teach children about the dangers of the coronavirus by showcasing the signs and symptoms and terrible behaviors to avoid.
Maskwell, a Scrub Club® hero who encourages and reminds children that carrying a mask helps to protect themselves and others.
These CDC recommendations assist slow the spread of respiratory ailments and can be beneficial at home or in classrooms:

Wear masks with two or greater layers to help cease the unfold of COVID-19
Wear masks over your nostril and mouth and secure it underneath your chin
Discard your mask, or wash masks made of material after each use
Make positive to scrub all areas of your hands, such as your palms, backs of your hands, between your fingers, and below your fingernails for 20 seconds to get rid of harmful germs and chemicals
Post symptoms in notably seen locations (such as  entrances and restrooms) to promote daily defensive measures and describe how to help quit the spread of germs (such as through desirable washing palms and top sporting a mask)
Informational substances are accessible to download for free at to help parents, caregivers and instructors explain the importance of hand hygiene to kids. Videos and kid-friendly activities that encourage acceptable handwashing techniques can additionally be observed on the website. 

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