Queen of the Ring (QOTR), the world's premier female battle rap league

Give it Up for the Ladies as QOTR Takes Over Caffeine

NEW YORK, -- On Saturday, November 14, The Ultimate Rap League (URL) provides Queen of the Ring (QOTR), the world's premier woman combat rap league, and its marquee card, Watch the Throne four solely on Caffeine from an undisclosed location.


QOTR, based in 2010, celebrates its huge tenth anniversary by using growing interesting programming via its special partnership with URL. The intention is to produce a high-level tournament related to the multi-million considered experiences that have made URL the most revered aggressive emceeing platform in the world. And with the success of the Royalty and Kings vs.Queens events, that have already rendered the subculture a sparkling outlook on the woman voice in this lyrical-boxing space, both URL and Caffeine are assured that WTT4 is on par to exceed expectations.

"Battle rap is a recreation of the mind," QOTR proprietor Babs Bunny states. "With the Kings vs. Queens card, we proved that the girls can cling with the guys on each and every level. Few of the guys can punch like O'fficial, scheme like forty BARRS, freestyle like C3, carry comedy like Couture, rap like Casey J and/ or function like Viixen."

URL proprietor Smack White agrees, "The performances that these female put on has made followers (both male and female) say that the card ought to be a contender for conflict of the year, now not simply on URL, however any league in the world."

"This is why we moved so rapidly to solidify a partnership between QOTR— extending our settlement with Caffeine to our sister platform," he continues. "This no longer solely makes us mightier collectively and greater bold in opposition to the world, however starts offevolved the dialog about developing our brand's dedication to guide ladies in the game as we have for the men."

The WTT4 card will be an all-female card that consists of the most revered lady battlers in the world: Lady Luck vs. Ms. Hustle, forty B.A.R.R.S. vs. O'fficial, Bonnie Godiva vs. Casey Jay, Coffee vs. Ms Miami, Viixen the Assassin vs. Fiirst Ladii Flamez, and Yoshi G vs. Tori Doe.

WTT4 airs stay on URLs Caffeine channel, caf.tv/urltv, on Saturday, November 14 at 5 p.m. EST/2 p.m. PST. Battles from WTT4 will begin to move solely on The Ultimate Rap League's App, alongside all sorts of unique content, inside weeks of their debut. The app is handy throughout a couple of servers such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Samsung Smart TV, and XBOX on Androids, Apple Tablets, phones, and televisions.

The Ultimate Rap League is the premier hostilities rap wearing agency. Its' activities have end up the most coveted degrees in the whole war rap world — knighted via enterprise vets from Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Floyd Mayweather, Rakim and more. 

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