Meijer is recognized as a SmartWay Excellence Award

Retailer's fleet is the solely four-time recipient of the EPA's SmartWay Excellence Award nationwide in its category

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., For the 1/3 consecutive year, Meijer is diagnosed as a SmartWay® Excellence Award winner as a combined provider by means of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


In fact, the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer's fleet is the solely four-time recipient of the awesome honor nationwide in the combined service category, stated Tom McCall, Vice President of Logistics for Meijer.

"We are honored to, as soon as again, obtain such a amazing award that acknowledges our logistics group as an enterprise chief for sustainability," McCall said. "It's vital to Meijer that we do the proper thing, which is why our fleet is dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint, sharing the street with different drivers, and turning in merchandise to our shops 26 instances a week."

The SmartWay Excellence Award is the EPA's best possible recognition. It acknowledges the pinnacle retail and manufacturing carriers and shippers that reveal how their logistical operations make a measurable distinction in lowering carbon emissions, whilst additionally efficiently managing gasoline expenses as they go items round the country. SmartWay Excellence Awardees lead their industries in enhancing freight effectivity and contributing to cleaner air inside their furnish chains.

Meijer operates one of the biggest standalone fleets in Michigan with 250 semi-trucks and almost four hundred drivers. Overall, the retailer has a community of 750 vans that cowl greater than 1.3 million miles per week – it truly is greater in three days than the common individual drives in a lifetime.

Meijer has made considerable enhancements in decreasing the fleet's carbon emissions, inclusive of the set up of telematics to preserve best and temperature manage in the trucks' refrigeration systems. The vehicles all have alarm and communications structures that alert the drivers to temperature changes. The retailer additionally leads the enterprise for backhauling product to its distribution amenities to decrease empty miles on the road.

Additionally, the Meijer fleet is dedicated to security and is centered on imposing security technological know-how into its semi-trucks with the addition of aspect radar. The collision mitigation gadget is general in the Meijer fleet that offers visibility in the semi-trucks' blind spots.

After working as a truck driver for 6 years, Debora Haas appreciates the efforts Meijer places in to make certain its drivers and surroundings are protected.

"One aspect that I like about our vehicles with the smooth power science is that with older trucks, you get a lot of diesel fuels in the cab and with these vehicles you don't, which makes a huge distinction for the driver. It feels simply like using a everyday car," she said. "This indicates that the employer will pay interest to what we (drivers) have to deal with each and every day. Some agencies simply desire you to run their product, however they do not care about what the personnel need. Meijer simply cares about what its personnel want and want." 

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