Max Park from USA wins first digital Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup

LONDON,  The stars of the latest Netflix documentary The Speed Cubers competed head to head the day gone by in the first simply digital Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup, in a spellbinding closing that was once watched through tens of lots on Red Bull's Twitch channel.


On Saturday November 7 2020, Max Park from California, USA, aged 18, beat Feliks Zemdegs from Melbourne, Australia, aged 24, in a nail-biting contest between the two friends. Max Park accomplished his Rubik's Connected Cube in simply 5.90 seconds, in contrast to Feliks Zemdegs 6.04 seconds.

Feliks Zemdegs is the solely speedcuber to ever win the World Cube Association World Championship twice, prevailing in 2013 and 2015.

On triumphing the pinnacle prize and being topped the world champion, Max Park said, "My motto is 'don't suppose simply solve'. It was once super that at a time of social distancing the speedcubing neighborhood should accumulate collectively and compete in such an interesting Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup. It used to be captivating too, to see that the speeds may want to be precisely measured to one thousandth of a second. As I'm Feliks Zemdegs' largest fan and a properly friend, it used to be an honour to share the last with him. I gave the opposition my whole interest and did not supply myself time to think, due to the fact my a hundred per cent center of attention was once on the solve."

Christoph Bettin, the CEO for Rubik's Brand said, "The first far flung Red Bull Rubik's World Cup produced splendid drama and suspense with Rubik's ambassadors taking pinnacle spot in most of the disciplines. I was once delighted to see Juliette Sébastien from France attain pinnacle of the chief board in the women's competition.

"And it used to be clearly wonderful to see our 'dream final' of Max Park versus Feliks Zemdegs.  Both lately featured in the much-loved Netflix documentary The Speed Cubers and went head to head in the finals of this thrilling competition.

"Max Park, our Rubik's Ambassador got here out on pinnacle and retained his crown for the Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup for a 2nd year, though this is the first time it is been basically digital.  Congratulations to all the winners, rivals and Red Bull sponsor for an terrific spectacle on the fortieth birthday of the Rubik's Cube."

Ernő Rubik, who invented the Cube and watched the court cases on-line said, "The Rubik's Cube speaks to the noblest, universally shared human characteristics: curiosity, playfulness, problem-solving and intelligence. No be counted your social background, shade of your pores and skin or gender, the Cube encapsulates the puzzle of us all. Young humans in specific appear to be captivated with fixing the Cube at speed, as validated with occasions such as the Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup, which took region this yr only digitally for the first time."

The Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup effects are as follows:

Speedcubing (mixed):

1st - Max Park (US) - Final resolve instances (secs): 6.456 - 6.463 - 5.908

2nd - Feliks Zemdegs (AUS)

3rd - Bill Wang (CA)

Speedcubing (female):

1st - Juliette Sébastien (FR) - Final remedy instances (secs): 9.336 - 6.922 - 8.196

2nd - Dana Yi (US)

3rd - Kalina Jakubowska (PL)

Fastest Hand:

1st - Philipp Weyer (GER) - Final clear up instances (secs): 13.074 - 13.161

2nd - Juliette Sébastien (FR)

3rd - Andrey Che (RUS)


1st - Chris Mills (UK) - Final clear up instances (secs): 20.364 - 17.569

2nd - Ricky Meiler (GER)

3rd - Manuel Gutman (ARG)

The UK has a new world champion. Chris Mills, aged 18, gained the 'Rescramble' gold medal, in a last remedy of 17.569 seconds.

The rescramble tournament is distinctive from the ordinary speedcubing occasions in that rivals are given a solved Cube and want to suit the sample of a randomly scrambled Cube. With forty three quintillion feasible scrambles of a Rubik's Cube, this match is viewed as substantially trickier than a usual solve.

All finalists have been capable to compete in the World Cup through the use of the company new entirely digital Rubik's 'Connected' Cube, which tracks players' each and every rotation and clear up instances through an app.

The Rubik's Cube is an awful lot cherished by way of musicians, magicians and innovative artists who revel in fixing the world's most famous puzzle and a one-of-a-kind tribute video has been created to mark the fortieth anniversary seeing that the Cube grew to be a world phenomenon.

About Rubik's

What commenced out as a puzzle created through Professor Ernő Rubik to train architectural college students has advanced into the world's most profitable single toy, perceived globally as an artwork structure and additionally an iconic image of talent and hassle solving.

In 1980, the Rubik's Cube used to be formally delivered to the world. Now in its fortieth anniversary year, almost 1/2 a billion Cubes have been bought to date with 2020 set to be a step forward 12 months with over 20 million Rubik's merchandise anticipated to be offered globally. Adding to the pleasure of the anniversary, Rubik's has fashioned quite a few partnerships to create manufacturer new and special Rubik's themed merchandise outdoor of the common video games and puzzles. These encompass Etch-A-Sketch, The Op, Perplexus, DeKryptic and Marvin's Magic.

Within the USA, You CAN Do the Rubik's Cube software usually locations cubes into the palms of 1/2 a million college students each and every year, assisting them study indispensable STEM and STEAM concepts. 

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