Love Coach Announces The First Ever Love Success Guarantee

Dr. Raquel Miranda (better known as Dr. Raquel, The Love Coach) Announces The First Ever Love Success Guarantee – Unlimited Coaching For As Long As It Takes To Find And Establish A Satisfying Love Relationship With An Ideal Partner


Dr. Raquel Miranda (better known as Dr. Raquel, The Love Coach) is the first relationship coach in the world to guarantee that for one flat fee she'll work with a client for as long as it takes to find and establish a satisfying love relationship with an ideal partner.


“I understand being skeptical of someone you meet on the internet,” says Dr. Raquel. “Women’s social media feeds are full of so-called experts promising the secret to a great relationship for a price. But I don’t see anybody standing behind these promises.”

When 38 year-old Sophia V. was offered an unlimited relationship-coaching guarantee, she figured Dr. Raquel might run herself out of business pretty quickly.

“She put it right in the contract,” Laura explains, “that I was entitled to unlimited coaching until I found the love I was looking for!”

“How could anyone afford to keep coaching me for free until I find my personal Mr. Right? It seemed like an impossible promise to keep.”

“I’m so glad I underestimated her,” Laura continues, “because I discovered that Dr. Raquel is really that good. In a little over four months she guided me to Robert, the absolute love of my life and – as of last week – my fianc√©!”

Dr. Raquel, a licensed clinical psychologist based in Costa Rica, works with her clients 1-on-1 via Zoom and attributes her success to the powerful, remarkably simple step-by-step process she developed to overcome her own relationship challenges.

“Every one of us tends toward repetitive relationship patterns that may not be healthy,” Dr. Raquel explains. “Once I clearly understood my own relationship fatal flaw and was able to clearly enumerate the qualities that were essential for me in a partner, my soulmate – my husband, Harvey – appeared quickly, as if by magic. I simply teach my clients to follow the same path that worked so well for me.”

Because she is a licensed psychologist specializing in solution-focused therapy, Dr. Raquel explains that she can get to the root of any woman’s relationship issues much faster than would be possible with traditional therapy. Then she gets to work on crafting the most appropriate and powerful online dating profiles for her clients, to ensure they enjoy the benefit of a steady stream of appropriate prospects.

Dr. Raquel reports that virtually 100% of the women who have completed her program have found the love they were seeking.

Dr. Raquel reminds her clients that it’s essential they be coachable, willing to change and willing to stick with the program until they succeed.

“But I think finding true love is definitely worth investing the time and energy,” Dr. Raquel says. “Don’t you?”

For more information, contact Dr. Raquel, The Love Coach on the web at RelationshipDoctor.Net.

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