IS Dr. Theresa Tam and the Public Health Agency of Canada Misleading New Guidelines for 3-Ply Masks?

Suggestion to use filtering cloth made from reusable purchasing baggage no longer appropriate

OAKVILLE, ON, - National dealer of security and respiratory products, Levitt-Safety, is involved that that newly up to date wording on the Government of Canada internet site and as communicated by means of Dr. Theresa Tam and the Public Health Agency of Canada until now this week is misleading. The wording can also now not be precise ample in phrases of what is wanted for the filtering layer of masks to make sure they are effective.


In an open letter posted November sixth to the employer website, President Bruce Levitt clarified, "Medical masks and respirators are normally made the usage of two very exclusive kinds of polypropylene that serve special functions:

The internal and outer layer are made from spunbond polypropylene – the identical kind of fabric used in some purchasing bags, disposable apparel etc.
The center layer is made from unique grades of meltblown polypropylene – a totally one of a kind product and manufacturing process
The internal and outer layer of masks fabric are now not designed to filter aerosols – they furnish droplet protection, forestall the masks filter from getting dirty and supply bodily integrity to the usual mask. The filtration is completed especially the use of the center meltblown layer."

The Government of Canada's internet site presently suggests that excellent filtering fabric consists of "the non-woven cloth this is used to make some reusable buying bags". That cloth is spunbond polypropylene. It is clearly no longer positive as a filter for aerosols."  The full letter can be seen here.

Levitt-Safety was once clear to specific that the organization helps the Public Health Agency of Canada's go to three-layer masks, in fact, they have suspended all advertising of two-ply masks to their customers, which encompass mines, hospitals and massive manufacturing amenities throughout Canada. However, the employer emphasizes that it is quintessential that Canadian public be furnished with the proper data to make sure they recognize how to be safely blanketed based totally the Agency's recommendations, and presently the practise is misleading.

As COVID-19 instances upward shove throughout the united states and round the world, it is greater essential now than ever to make certain Canadians are given the most correct statistics so they can make the fine choices to continue to be safe. 

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