Dr Jo Jorgensen Clemson University in South Carolina female presidential candidate

Dr Jo Jorgensen, a senior professor of psychology at Clemson University in South Carolina, is the first woman presidential candidate to be nominated with the aid of the Libertarian Party in its records of over 4 decades. The 63-year-old and her jogging mate, entrepreneur Jeremy ‘Spike’ Cohen, appeared on the widespread election ballot in all 50 states as well as in Washington DC.


Jorgenson is no political newcomer. She first ran for workplace in 1992 on the Libertarian Ticket in South Carolina’s Congressional District, the place she acquired about 2.2 per cent of the vote. In 1996, she used to be the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nominee alongside then-candidate Harry Browne.

In May this year, she was formally nominated as the party’s presidential candidate. Soon after, she took to Twitter to announce that she was once ‘repurposing’ Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan from the 2016 election — ‘I’m with her’ — and using it as her own. The slogan shortly started to vogue on social media but again. 

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