Dr. David Knight Colorado State University Bradford Knight California created WEE BEASTiES,


ENCINITAS, Calif.,Amid ongoing strain from COVID-19 to preserve youngsters and communities healthy, The Knight Bros. have created an illustrated children's book and music known as WEE BEASTiES, that uses humor, artwork and rhyming verse to inspire precise handwashing habits for early newbies age two – 8, releasing November 16, 2020.


WEE BEASTiES is the first in a collection of new illustrated books and songs through two brothers. Author and illustrator, Dr. David Knight, is a professor from Colorado State University who used to be en route to help lead an worldwide application in Wuhan, China when the coronavirus efficaciously modified the world and put anybody on lockdown. His brother, Bradford Knight, is a singer-songwriter-musician dwelling in southern California. In an surprising twist of fate, the brothers found themselves quarantined collectively for five-months, giving upward shove to a constant flow of creativity and the launch of The Knight Bros. Their works now consist of greater than two dozen titles.

Commenting on WEE BEASTiES, Colleen Fracisco, a veteran nurse of 25 years' experience, said, "This e book and tune are gorgeous equipment for dad and mom and instructors to make handwashing significant for children. The book takes a hilarious seem to be at germs and how they want to be washed away. It will assist build exceptional hand hygiene skills that will last!" Preschool teacher, Kelly Gross, who has two decades of educating ride at Los Angeles Unified School District, said, "Wee Beasties is an lovely photo book bound to encourage my preschoolers to wash their hands. The author's peppy and enticing rhyming text, combined with the shiny and brilliant illustrations, and a innovative song, lead to a enjoyable studying and singing experience."

Five more titles from The Knight Bros. series will be released November 23 and December 12, constructing on safe, smooth themes that both entertain and educate. BONNIE McBOWER is about a woman who has an insatiable showering experience; BRUSHING brings interest to oral hygiene; SMELLY FEET focuses on cleansing relentlessly smelly feet; BALLOON and ROLLER COASTER promote safety. Imparting vital existence classes in a humorous way is the frequent thread woven via The Knight Bros. stories. 

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