Caravel Autism Health at 4140 Richard Avenue in Hermantown, MN

DULUTH, Minn. Caravel Autism Health has announced plans to open a center for Duluth-area children who are on the autism spectrum. Specialists with expertise in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of autism will lead the new clinic, which is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of children with autism and their families. The center at 4140 Richard Avenue in Hermantown, MN is slated to open in December.


Caravel Autism Health's specialists provide a full range of services including diagnostic evaluation and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy that helps children with autism develop skills, create connections, and gain confidence.

The decision to build a new autism therapy center to serve the Duluth community was driven by local demand, according to Caravel Autism Health CEO Mike Miller: "With an autism prevalence rate of 1 in 44 children, Minnesota has a high level of need for the specialized services that our team offers. When there's a shortage of providers, families can't access the right kind of care. We know that evidence-based ABA therapy can be life-changing, so we are stepping up to expand our footprint in Minnesota communities where families need us."

This new autism therapy center will be the ninth that Caravel Autism Health has opened in Minnesota since 2019. Jackie Vick, Vice President of Minnesota Clinical Operations for Caravel Autism Health, says that timing is critical for young children with autism: "Research demonstrates that autism can be reliably diagnosed before the age of two. ABA therapy can have a profound impact on a child's development, especially when we can start early in life. We want to ensure that families across Minnesota have access to customized treatment plans as soon as a diagnosis is confirmed."

Caravel Autism Health will host a virtual presentation on December 15 to educate local families about autism spectrum disorder and ABA therapy

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