C Spire Fiber verified as Mississippi's fastest internet service

 Free positioning dependent on Q3 information from shopper started tests taken with Speedtest® 

RIDGELAND, Miss., C Spire Fiber, which offers customers Gigabit balanced broadband web access, live real time TV and home telephone administrations, has been checked as Mississippi's quickest network access supplier by Ookla®, the worldwide pioneer in web testing and examination. 

C Spire -Fiber- verified -as- Mississippi's- fastest- internet- service

The investigation by Ookla1 established that C Spire Fiber conveyed the quickest normal web download speeds in Mississippi over every other supplier, including its two fundamental rivals, AT&T and Comcast Xfinity during the second from last quarter of 2020 - 100 % quicker than AT&T and 25 % quicker than Xfinity. To decide speed execution. Ookla broke down customer started tests taken utilizing Speedtest® on a fixed organization

C Spire Fiber is a division of C Spire, a broadened media communications and innovation administrations organization, and works the country's eleventh biggest fiber-optic supplier and one of the country's biggest Gigabit-web fiber-to-the-home program with its dependence on all-fiber, super quick balanced speed broadband web access organization.  

"Gigabit web access is really a distinct advantage that lifts home estimations, widens amusement openings, grows nearby economies, makes occupations and improves the general personal satisfaction for customers," said Ashley Phillips, head supervisor of C Spire Fiber. "We're satisfied, yet not astonished by these discoveries." 

With numerous people and families compelled to shield in their homes since mid-March because of the general wellbeing emergency, fast web access has become a need for customers who want far off access, understudy separation learning, web based streaming TV home diversion, telehealth and low-idleness gaming, Phillips added. 

"Fiber's symmetric paces – for instance up to 940 Megabits for every second upstream and downstream – are especially significant for intuitive learning, distant work and telehealth applications past video web based or riding the web, which depend on quick download just speeds," Phillips stated, taking note of that C Spire Fiber has multiple times quicker transfers than Xfinity in Mississippi. 

Dissimilar to some other web access suppliers, C Spire Fiber has no information covers, undoing expenses or long haul contracts. The C Spire division gives definite arrangement times, top notch client support and over 99.99 percent unwavering quality. 

As a feature of its exhaustive arrangement, C Spire Fiber gives a Smart WiFi work framework, which learns, adjusts constantly motions toward where they are required the most. The framework likewise includes the most recent advancements in parental controls, AI security and visitor access. 

To decide the speed execution for fixed organizations, Ookla surveys the quickest organization speeds achieved over a given organization. Likewise, admittance to ISP administration occurs over wired and Wi-Fi associations. Thus, Ookla considers tests on different Speedtest applications that associate with a fixed organization, remembering tests for cell phones over a Wi-Fi association. Each top transporter represents in any event 3% of the example size in Mississippi. 

"With a great many tests taken utilizing Speedtest consistently, Ookla has built up a strong and exhaustive perspective on overall web execution. C Spire Fiber positioned as the quickest web in Mississippi dependent on our thorough investigation. This is a demonstration of C Spire's excellent presentation, as experienced by their own clients, in Q3," said Doug Suttles, CEO at Ookla.

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