BMC helping veterans, women careers in the tech industry

BMC named founding sponsor focused on helping veterans, women, and people of color, pivot into compelling careers in the tech industry

HOUSTON,  BMC, a global leader celebrating 40 years of delivering software solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, today announced an expansion of its current sponsorship of the BreakLine Technology Education program, which recruits and prepares high-performing candidates of diverse backgrounds and experiences for successful careers in the tech industry.

BMC's expanded sponsorship includes acting as a founding sponsor of BreakLine Apex. BreakLine Apex is a new education program that focuses on the recruitment, coaching, and mentorship of talented people of color, with an initial focus on Black and Latinx candidates, for various technical and business roles in top technology companies worldwide.

"BMC and BreakLine have successfully partnered together since 2017 to create pathways to opportunity for people from all backgrounds and experiences, and to increase diversity in tech," says Bethany Coates, CEO of BreakLine. "Over the course of our collaboration, BMC has hired many veterans from BreakLine, across a range of roles, from sales to communications, and they've already hired a BreakLine Apex participant just six days after the first Apex program kicked off!"

Although most BreakLine candidates have had the experience of service-minded roles as military veterans, BMC is also focused on filling the hiring funnel with BreakLine Mavens, a program that provides education and coaching for women seeking roles and career development in the technology industry.

"Today's business landscape requires innovative and agile leaders. We are thrilled to be able to support the expanded BreakLine programming," says Eric Olmo, Senior Vice President of People and Spaces at BMC. "As a trusted ally, BreakLine has continuously worked with BMC to bring diverse and outstanding talent into the organization. I'm thrilled with our team's initiative to collaborate with BreakLine and honored that BMC can be a founding sponsor of this esteemed program."

BreakLine allows BMC and fellow sponsors to lead sessions on organizational design, talent management, culture, and expected future trends in the technology industry to help candidates in their career pursuits in today's digital era.

BMC's next program with BreakLine's three verticals - Apex, Mavens, and Veterans - will take place on December 16, 2020 and feature Jason Andrew, Chief Revenue Officer at BMC, as a guest speaker sharing his insights and expertise on the tech industry. As a part of this sponsorship, BMC employees are also invited to attend BreakLine's exclusive fireside chats with prominent thought leaders from the tech industry, academia, and military.

"BreakLine is honored to continue to provide BMC with a new pipeline of outstanding talent who are ready and able to drive exponential value at the company," says Coates.

Additional Facts:

BreakLine has facilitated the education and mentorship of over 1,000 candidates into the tech industry
BMC hires from BreakLine have comprised of 32% people of color, 21% women, and 94% veterans
BMC has supported nine BreakLine cohorts' educations programs since 2017
From Business Development Manager to Director levels, BreakLine alumni have been hired for BMC roles in consulting, customer success, marketing and public relations, project or program management, sales, sales operations, and value engineering
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