Anthem to celebrate women in Sports & Entertainment and their fans

LOS ANGELES, - UniversalCMG World Entertainment 1954 announced nowadays the launch of an Anthem to have fun women in Sports & Entertainment and their fans. The song used to be created by way of Award-Winning producers The Chart Masters whilst proposing Pop Sensation Keytona.  The COVID-19 pandemic has created many uncertainties in the world concerning the sports activities and enjoyment industry. The Anthem known as "Fan" is an uplifting single that we hope will inspire our younger athletic girl generation and a continuous acknowledgement of women's achievements for this reason far.

"I am excited to be a part of a tune that places ladies in a well deserved highlight in the sports activities and enjoyment world. Having Fans and Followers are an necessary phase to the evolution and empowerment of women. They give us support, confidence, and love us barring  end," stated Keytona. "I have signed with a Major Record Company; released a Graphic Novel 'Love at First Heist'  with soundtrack; a new single 'What You Got' with video, and now a function with The Charts Masters - this is an tremendous journey, and I could now not have done all this besides my FANS!"

Keytona's Graphic Novel:

Keytona's Music Video:

Keytona is a well-established and talented singer and songwriter from South Carolina who is additionally acknowledged for being a very glamorous however humble model. She grew up surrounded by way of one of a kind musical influences which stimulated her to get concerned in the thematic world of music. Determined to bring absolutely everyone under the same thematic roof, the bold artist has created such a special soundscape that has sparked global attention. The powerful singer desires to deliver a trade in the lyrical and musical monotony in popular pop music with her songs.

"We are surely excited about this collaboration to make records and convey center of attention on female and the fans in all factors of the amusement industry," stated Edward Straiter, Founder / CEO of UniversalCMG World Entertainment 1954 and The Chart Masters Executive Producer. "Music is one of the best equipment we have to connect with our followers and carry awareness to our gifted & proficient women. The Anthem "FAN" is Available Now on all Digital Download Platforms. 

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