merino silk women's collection


Are we demanding enough of ourselves and our clothing? WIth climate change impacting our lives and health, Nui Organics, one of the originators of premium quality, organic and natural fiber clothing for children, thinks we should expect more, and is standing behind its sustainable values with the launch of their first collection of high quality, timeless and sustainable womenswear.


The addition of this new category was part of Founder Amanda Searancke’s original vision. “Respect for both people and planet has always been at the core of the Nui brand. I wanted to create a brand that was good for the environment and everyone associated with it - growers, farmers, animals - and to be a place where families could shop for natural fiber clothing and feel empowered about their purchases making a difference for the environment.”

WIth climate change impacting human health, water shortages, food security, and even the pandemic, urgent action is needed at every level. Add in the 10% of global carbon emissions being produced by the fashion industry and 85% of all clothing ending up polluting our oceans, bringing awareness to a seemingly small choice about our clothing can create a measurable impact that starts in our own closet.

Nui Organics first womenswear collection is designed to help women make that eco-conscious choice. The collection was designed to celebrate a woman’s natural body shape, with effortless and luxuriously soft Organic Merino Silk. The debut collection consists of 17 styles of tops, bottoms, and accessories that all work together to create a versatile wardrobe of effortless, everyday essentials that come with a clean conscience.

Searancke, who grew up on a small farm in New Zealand, where proximity to and preservation of their beautiful natural landscape is central to their way of life, remains committed to upholding the brand values so they can create meaningful change in the world with highest regard for people and the planet at every step. The new category of womenswear is no exception and illuminates this commitment to quality, sustainability and purpose.

“We are not doing enough to save the environment. We are rapidly approaching a future of more frequent wildfires, rising sea levels, unpredictable weather patterns and species extinctions, and to stop it, we need to raise our standards and demand more from ourselves and our clothing," Searancke says. "Buy what you need only, buy good quality natural clothing that respects the environment and wont bleed microplastics into the ocean. Then pass it on or resell it.”

In addition to the women’s line, Nui continues to be a go-to source of premium quality natural fiber clothing for children too, and recently launched a matching collection of children's wear essentials, in the same high quality organic Merino Silk.

The brand is known for its premium quality designs of Organic Merino Wool made in minimalist silhouettes. Their high standards and chemical-free processing creates a finished garment that highlights the natural properties of wool, as an antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and breathable fiber. This latest collection features Nui Merino Silk, a blend of 70% GOTS organic merino wool and 30% Mulberry Silk, that offers a lightweight feel and silky texture.

With values rooted in consciousness, community, compassion, transparency and mindful design, Nui aims to continue to empower its customers to take simple, small and sustainable steps towards improving their own lives and the long term health of our planet.

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