wins award Digital Journalism, a suite of artificial-intelligence equipment developed by using The Globe and Mail, wins world award for Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism

TORONTO,, The Globe and Mail's synthetic intelligence-based automation and prediction engine, received the Online Journalism Award for Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism, passed out via the Online News Association (ONA).

"For the enterprise and shape of journalism, integral priorities for the enterprise at this moment, the triumphing entry is high-impact technical innovation. It's in particular beneficial for nearby newsrooms that are under-resourced," one decide said, in accordance to the ONA.

Another choose described it as "a classic, elegant way to work smarter, no longer harder," whilst any other stated the prevailing entry "presents a considerate bold, daring implementation of a device that can extensively decorate the exercise of on-line journalism."

Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail, said: "I was once blissful to study that the ONA selected Sophi as the winner for an award that focuses on innovation. Innovation is a key section of our mission at The Globe and Mail, and it is moneymaking to see this diagnosed outdoor our walls. We will proceed to radically change the enterprise with"

Sophi is an artificial-intelligence gadget that helps publishers pick out their most precious content. It has effective predictive competencies – the use of herbal language processing, it helps publishers recognize which content material to paywall to maximize subscription revenue, besides sacrificing advertising and marketing revenue.

Sophi Automation autonomously curates digital content material to locate and promote the most treasured articles. It locations 99% of the content material on all of The Globe and Mail's digital pages, inclusive of its homepage and area pages. Sophi has been so profitable that it is now being used for print laydown as well. Sophi is accessible to publishers throughout the globe to assist their content material producers focal point on developing the quality articles possible.

Greg Doufas, CTO of The Globe and Mail, said: " has been a terrific joint effort between our information scientists and developers, as properly as our terrific newsroom, who collaborated intently to structure and create some thing that has actually revolutionised the industry. We're very proud to be given such a prestigious world award – and we're searching for amazing companions who'd like to use Sophi as well."

In May, Sophi additionally gained the 2020 North American Digital Media Award awarded by means of The World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) in the class of Best Digital News Start-up. This award honours information publishers that have delivered special and authentic digital media initiatives in the previous year.

Sophi was once additionally shortlisted for different awards previously this year, inclusive of via the International News Media Association for Best New Technology or Digital Product, and via Digiday for Best Revenue Diversification Strategy as nicely as for Best Digital Product Innovation. 

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