Lover help women low sexual desire and difficulty reaching orgasm

70% of girls experiencing low libido document elevated sexual want after the usage of the methods used in the app

SAN FRANCISCO, Today, main sexual well-being app Lover, has introduced a collection of academic publications inside the app have been proven to assist 92% of ladies who warfare to attain orgasm.1 Additionally over 70% of girls who file low sexual want be aware an uptick in their libido after the usage of the workouts and content material in the app. Lover's featured exercises, guides and specialist recommendation have been compiled based totally on years of scientific lookup in the area of sexual health, and assist human beings tackle their sexual troubles and get extra of the sexual achievement they want.


Lover used to be developed by means of medical psychologist Dr. Britney Blair and her group of sexual fitness experts, with the intention of serving as an on-demand intercourse therapist and platform for sexual wellness. The app helps humans discreetly and confidently analyze about sex, tackle viable troubles in their relationships and their sexual lives, and have higher sex. When humans signal up for the Lover app, the app conducts a complete contrast to check their issues, questions, and feasible problems, and then recommends specialist recommendation and customized workout routines that can be executed by myself or with a partner.

The content material in Lover is mainly beneficial for female who have issues associated to their sexual health, such as low sexual wish and challenge accomplishing orgasm. Clinical research have observed that 10% of ladies have by no means had an orgasm in their lives,2 and solely 15-20% of female ride orgasm throughout sexual intercourse.3  Courses inside the app that tackle pre-orgasmia encompass "Orgasm 101," "Climaxing Consistently," "Orgasms with a Partner" and "Driving Up Desire." Since Lover's launch in February, over 160,000 humans have downloaded the app.

"Women deserve to journey sexual pleasure as section of a fulfilled and healthful life, and a huge section of the answer is to assist female recognize the many methods they can journey pleasure and then prioritize their journey of sexual encounters," stated Dr. Britney Blair, Chief Science Officer of Lover. "Generations of Americans have acquired insufficient sexual schooling and have been bombarded with deceptive and dangerous messages from the media and in society about what 'good sex' certainly is. As a result, thousands and thousands of girls hardly ever or in no way have an orgasm."

"There are tens of hundreds of thousands of ladies in the U.S. who have in no way had an orgasm or who are nearly usually left feeling unfulfilled through their sexual encounters," stated Dr. Blair. "Based on the effects we have viewed from our app's person base, we trust that 92% of these ladies who battle to journey orgasm should be helped through the usage of the Lover app."  

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