<What is the Difference Between a Baskin-Robbins icecream Float and Freeze>


At Baskin-Robbins, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of delicious ways to enjoy your favorite ice cream flavors. Scoops, Polar Pizza® Ice Cream Treats, ice cream cakes, and novelties aren’t the only options when getting your Baskin-Robbins to fix. We also have fun and unique beverages to keep you sippin’ on sweetness till the last delicious drop.

Two favorite frosted beverages include our floats and freeze. To help you make the right thirst-quenching decision on which one to choose, we’ve got you covered with the difference between the two. These drinks have different characteristics and flavor profiles but the main contrast is that in our floats, ice cream is added to the beverage allowing it to melt into the drink as you enjoy, while a freeze is blended together for a delightfully sweet frozen drink.

Baskin-Robbins Float



Our floats are made with a base of either Coke® or Barq’s® Root Beer topped with a large dollop of ice cream for a fun and fizzy drink. This frothy, creamy delight is made with a scoop of your favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor that will melt into your drink for a delicious sip each time. Baskin-Robbins floats are the best way to experience your favorite nostalgic beverage at any time of year.

Baskin Robbins Freeze


Our unique freeze beverages are a refreshingly sippable combination of your favorite hard scoop flavors blended with your choice of beverage. Cool off with a classic combination like Rainbow Sherbet and Sprite® or Vanilla Ice Cream and Coke® - or create your own entirely new custom creation!

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