weight loss journey by hot actress

question I get asked frequently is how I kick started my weight loss, after my delivery! I was at 73kgs and I desperately needed to lose that weight before starting ‘Hum Tum and Them’ in order to fit my character. I was way too occupied with my new born then to truly commit to exercising, so if I’m being honest the only thing that helped me shed the 10 kgs was @kskadakia brilliant diet, even though now it’s a combination of strenuous exercising along with my dietician’s @kskadakia recommended diet, But.. I initially dropped the 10kgs of weight solely through @kskadakia allocated plan, I really am lucky that I found her when I did because she’s truly accommodated all my cheat days into a plan that’s overall very beneficial and still very fun to devour on a day to day basis, I’m never bored of my diet, and always looking forward to my next meal and that’s key. NO!NO! This is NOT a promotional post! This is a genuine Reply to all the DMs I get!’

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