TutorMe Receives National Parenting Product Award

LOS ANGELES,  TutorMe, the online tutoring solution of the future, announced today that it had received a National Parenting Product Award.

"During this time of COVID, many students are away from the traditional school setting where they have direct access to their teachers," said Elena Epstein, director of the National Parenting Product Awards.

"Unique educational resources and tools can provide a real benefit to families right now. TutorMe is wonderful because it's available at any time on demand and covers a wide variety of subjects and grade levels. We all know how frustrating it can be trying to figure out chemistry at 10 pm. What a great feeling to know you can call a tutor for some much-needed guidance at the exact time that you need it," continued Epstein.  

TutorMe is also a recipient of HowtoLearn.com's 2020 Parent and Teacher Choice™ Award and received the Timmy for Best Tech for Good in LA.

"We are thrilled that the National Parenting Product Awards, in addition to HowtoLearn.com and Tech in Motion Events, have recognized the positive impact of TutorMe on K-12 and higher education students and their families," said Myles Hunter, co-founder, and CEO of TutorMe. "Ensuring that no student feels left behind in school is why we started TutorMe."

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