Kelly Cooper Tomato Superstar encouraging girls and empowering them to #LiveAuthentically.

NEW YORK,  Kelly Cooper is the founder and head clothier of Tomato Superstar, a startup apparel brand that encourages ladies to live authentically. To double down on its mission statement, Tomato Superstar donates a element of every buy to non-profits combating human trafficking round the world.

After spending quite a few years visiting the world in the U.S. Air Force and working as a authorities consultant in Washington DC, Cooper launched Tomato Superstar in April of 2017. She's always had a dream of launching her own apparel label, and being in a position to do so with her daughter, Hannah, has been nothing short of amazing.

She additionally launched the clothing manufacturer to feed her creative side. Cooper says, "Honestly, my creativity in no way suit the corporate world, and I did not desire a way of life bound to a 9 to five schedule. My clothing label is a dream come proper for me." Running her very own business has afforded her great freedom, and she's blessed to face new challenges every day.

The company's clothing line has two goals in mind: Empower women to be their proper selves and maintain the garments less costly adequate to do so. Every single item is designed in the United States, and is made with love and care in the United States and India.

Cooper's mission to promote sensibly priced clothing items has allowed her to develop Tomato Superstar quickly, and with each new garb release she's capable to further her message of encouraging women and empowering them to #LiveAuthentically. 

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